At the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay, a gruesome discovery is made by two young boys. Tommy Lewis and his Ronnie, find a body, but it&rsquos Tommy&rsquos avid conjecture that causes him to suffer rejection. He saw the world clueless, traveling about it&rsquos daily life while never questioning the &ldquowhy&rdquo of events. Set on a course under the stars, his mission, irrevocable, in 2012, processing a Baltimore warrant, undercover vise-detective Lewis is assigned to arrest &ldquoone&rdquo Luis Gonzelas, trade named the fi sh, &ldquoel pescado&rdquo in Miami. Disheveled and bruised with his partner, Afghanistan veteran, Edward John Tyler, working Miami Beach to save the case. The once cavalier detective fights a desperate battle to find this illegal alien under the auspices of a Federal investigation spinning out of control. This mystery-romance-thriller, one of three in the series, &ldquoIn Search of the Dragon Blanco, el mission&rdquo, the strenuous dragon pursuit carried with the wings of Poe&rsquos Raven, the advocate-protagonist detective encounters a harrowing adventure of survival that will thrill, inspire and entertain the reader.