Do you agree with me that Salad dressings are the greatest secret weapon of every tasty salad? You can also agree with me that making your own salad dressing is healthy and easier than packaged ones? Adding Dressing to a salad helps to refine the texture and taste of the meal, with primary ingredients like yogurt, oils, dairy products, vinegar etc. This book will show you how you can make healthy salad dressings at home with few recipes that are budget friendly, most of the ingredients can be found in your every day pantry. These dressing recipes can also be used as sauces and marinades for meat or fish.You will find super healthy recipes that will help spice up your salad and give you an unforgettable experience. Your will discover how to give new life and vibrancy to your salad, with homemade salad dressing recipes that are refreshing, rich and creamy.