Transform your international communication skills with this unique, easy-to-read guide.

Is that clear? is a small and user-friendlyguide for anynative English speaker working or socialising withinternationalcolleagues and friends.

Condensed intobitesize chapters, this indispensable book explores the commonbarriers to effective international communicationand is packed withpractical tips on how to adapt your English and improve yourintercultural skills.Is that clear?gets the tone just right, taking something quite complex and turning it into an insightful and enjoyable read. It really makes you think about how you communicate with speakers of other languages and the kind of confusion you can create - without even realising.

From rephrasingidiomsto reducing your use of overlypolite languageIs that clear? offers simple solutions so that you can get yourmessage across clearly.

An essentialtoolin anymultilingualsetting.